Les nids du Chat – (Yenne/France)

Les nids du Chat – (Yenne/France)

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Les nids du Chat is a charming confidential domain of 4 chalets, which is located in a bubble of nature in Savoie.

On a magnificent site of one and a half hectares in the heart of Natura 2000 Park in the Lagneux marsh, Les nids du Chat faces the chain of the Dent du Chat.

It is possible to navigate on the pond in a boat to observe dragonflies and frogs up close as to simply rest in the raised garden. From the first beautiful days, it becomes possible to dive in the fresh water of the natural pool filtered by plants.

Ideal for holidays with family or friends, you will stay in the cozy nest of your choice at your own pace while being in a soothing and environmentally friendly setting.

Photo credits: Les nids du Chat (all rights reserved)
Les nids du Chat
Le Grand Lagneux
73170 Yenne