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We only work with natural materials. Whenever possible we choose certified materials but the importance of certification varies greatly depending on material.


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Cotton is the most polluting crop in the world. In addition, the majority of conventional cotton is now GMO. In the manufacture of cotton fabrics, bleaching commonly uses chlorine and the dying process is based on heavy metals or chemicals that are hazardous to health.

On the contrary, organic cotton is not treated, is not GMO and respects the environment. GOTS certified fabrics, made from organic cotton, are prohibited from chlorine bleaching and all toxic substances.

That’s why we only use GOTS certified cotton fabric made from organic cotton. Certification is essential here.


The cultivation of flax requires little nitrogen and requires very little or no phytosanitary treatment. And there is no GMO flax seeds. Linen, even non-organic, is an ecological plant. To go from the plant to the yarn, the processes are natural (retting), then mechanical (scutching). In addition, companies that spin and weave flax are generally very sensitive to ecological processes and use them to manufacture the fabric.

Flax is therefore a crop that does not pollute and the manufacturing of linen fabric can be ecological. We only use linen fabrics that have been manufactured using ecological processes and that are Oeko-Tex certified.

Flax seeds

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We use flax seeds in heat packs. As the purpose of heat packs is to soothe with the active principles present in the flax seed, it seems to us really essential that seeds have not been treated in any way before or after harvest.

That’s why we only use certified organic flax seeds from Europe.


We only use Serbian wool scoured ecologically in Serbia. This wool is originating from sheep that live in small herds in open air in the medium mountains on lands virgin from any treatment. These sheeps are actually organic although not certified. In southern Serbia, where sheep come from, there is no intensive farming and men work with respect for animals and nature.

The certification of wool is a complex problem because wool is a certifiable agricultural product according to the standards of organic farming while the scoured wool is a textile product certifiable according to the GOTS reference system. The transition from one standard to another is always problematic, like in France for instance.

Our wool best guarantee is that it comes from local breeds and that it is scoured locally. This is particularly important as in many countries, wool scouring is done in China where it becomes difficult to control or trace anything. We are developing the wool sector in Serbia to offer a high quality wool from the best local breeds, scoured and processed locally. We control the entire production chain.


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We use latex flakes in pillows. This latex is certified GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) which is the standard of organic latex, as GOTS is the standard of organic textile. This latex is 100% natural, made exclusively from Hevea tree of organic culture. He is hypoallergenic.

In France, the mention „with natural latex“ or „100% latex of natural origin“, paradoxically means that only 85% of the latex is of natural origin, meaning derived from latex milk, the rest being polyurethane.

The mention „100% natural latex“ indicates that the latex comes exclusively from latex milk. Technically, the final product obtained by the vulcanization of rubber tree milk does not contain 100% latex because about 3% of mineral additives are necessary for insuring the good behavior of the material over time. On the other hand, this mention does not say anything about the culture of the latex and its transformation.

GOLS certified organic latex is even more demanding. This certification guarantees that the latex is exclusively issued from organic latex milk, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. In addition, GOLS also takes into account the management of pollution during the manufacturing process as well as the respect of working conditions of workers. GOLS is the most demanding standard on latex.


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We only use Oeko-Tex certified accessories. Oeko-Tex is a certification that guarantees that the certified products do not contain any substance dangerous to health.

This requirement applies to sewing threads, zippers, buttons and all accessories that go into the manufacturing of our products.