Lansiranje novog sajta Revolana

Lansiranje novog sajta Revolana

Vesti - 08/04/2018

Après plusieurs mois de développement nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter le nouveau site Revolana. Celui-ci a été entièrement réécrit par nous-mêmes. Il correspond précisément à ce que nous voulions obtenir. Il nous offre une plateforme adaptée pour expliquer et faire connaître notre travail.

More content

The previous Revolana site was primarily an online store. The new site is content-oriented: manufacturing, products, Serbia. We want to share with you our passion and our work. We also have many projects for which this content platform will be essential. So expect to see more and more items in the coming months.

A better presented shop

The shop is of course still here and will be enriched with novelties in the coming months. We have new photos and a more attractive presentation.

Technical side

For those who are interested here are some more technical elements.

The development platform

The site is based on the WordPress platform with WooCommerce for the shop part. We chose the plugin Timber to write all templates with Twig. The combination WordPress + Timber makes a very interesting and productive development platform for us coming from a CMS like MODx. Thanks to the amazing Bootstrap 4 library, we were able to develop our own Responsive WordPress theme based on Twig templates.

Image management

The images are an essential part of the website. We have chosen to entrust this management to Thumbor. We produce images in one high-resolution version and Thumbor automatically produces, on demand, all smaller versions. This allows us to easily manage the multitude of screen sizes and resolutions.


On the server side, we provide our own deployment on a high performance cloud server at Infomaniak.

So we have total control of the entire site which is unusual for a small company like ours.